Waldorf Education in the Philippines

A Brief History of Waldorf Education in the Philippines

1987 Early beginnings of Anthroposophy and Steiner Education/Waldorf studies

1989 Teacher Training overseas by two Filipino founding teachers, Bella Tan and Mary Joan Fajardo, in Australia and USA

1991 Preparations for the first Waldorf kindergarten began by the two trained teachers

February 15, 1991 First public orientation on Steiner/Waldorf Education

July 18, 1994 Opening of the first Waldorf Kindergarten (now Manila Waldorf School) & formation of advocacy organization called Rudolf Steiner Education in the Philippines (RStEP)

1996 RStEP organizes summer intensive course in preparation for Grade School, conducted by Horst Hellmann from Germany

June 1996 Manila Waldorf School – Grade School opens

1997 First Toddlers-Parents’ Program begins in the Manila Waldorf School

1998 Opening of a home-based Waldorf-inspired kindergarten in southern island of Cebu, initiated by a group of parents and individuals undergoing studies in Anthroposophy (closed in 2001)

1999-2001 Three-year part time Training in Early Childhood Education by RStEP in cooperation with the International Association of Waldorf Kindergartens (Stuttgart), with foreign mentors from Australia and New Zealand

1999 Opening of home-based Waldorf-inspired kindergarten in southern Metro Manila, initiated by a participant of the 3-year training (eventually became the Acacia Kindergarten, Sta. Rosa Laguna in 2003, & then the Acacia School in 2004)

1999 RStEP works with Bantay Bata home for abused children

2000 Shift from mainstream kindergarten to a Waldorf-inspired kindergarten (John-Paul Kindergarten in Isabela, northern Philippines, initiated by a participant of the 3-year training (discontinued in 2004)

2001-2002 Two-year part time Training in Waldorf Grade School Teaching coordinated by RStEP with foreign mentors from Germany & Australia

2002 Beginnings of Training in Pedagogical Eurythmy conducted by Leonard Orta &  Christoph Graf (discontinued in 2005) & beginning of study for Waldorf High School initiated by group of parents in Manila Waldorf School

2003 Beginning of small Waldorf-inspired playgroup in Iloilo (now Gamot Cogon Waldorf School)

2003 Beginning of Local Training in Early Childhood Education by RStEP along with other related courses such as Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Child Health & Nutrition, & Mindful Parenting (on-going)

September 2003 Opening of Acacia Waldorf School, Sta. Rosa Laguna

April 2004  Manila Waldorf School holds its first Graduation Rites for 21 pupils who completed the Grade School level.

June 2004 The Kawayan Upper School opens with 11 pupils in Class 9.  It is now part of the Manila Waldorf School and up to Gr 12.

July 2004 Parent-participants of the local training in Early Childhood begins a small home-based Waldorf Playgroup with 10 children (operational until March 2005)

Jan 2005 until March 2007  RStEP begins the program Steiner Education for the   economically-poor communities.  Series of lectures & seminars in 14 different provinces/cities all over the Philippines provide orientation on Steiner Education in order to generate interest in having community-based/supported Waldorf kindergartens and primary Grades.

2005 Beginning of one-year part time teacher training for kindergarten till Grade 4 in Iloilo, the  Gamot Cogon Initiative. This is an on-going program.

August 2006 Opening of MIKAEL Playgarden (now called, St. Michael’s Playgarden) in Makati City, Metro Manila – a full-day childcare program (8:30am to 4:30pm) for children ages 2-5 years old.  It is a co-parenting program to service working parents seeking quality care for their young children.

January-February 2007 Start of 15-Day Intensive Beginner’s Course in Steiner Early Childhood Education.  It includes basic Anthroposophical studies, Child Development from Conception till 21 years focusing on early childhood, an overview of Steiner playgroup & kindergarten, self-development, & different artistic activities. This is a yearly course from mid-January to mid-February every year.

April 10-19, 2007  Three-unit course in Steiner Early Childhood offered in a State College in Talisay, Negros Occidental – an island south of Manila, conducted by RStEP.

2007 St. Michael’s Play Garden in Cagayan de Oro opens (temporarily closed since 2011 due to typhoon devastation)

2008 Opening of Kolisko Waldorf School in Quezon City and Prado Center for Renewal and Development – Kindergarten in Pampanga (now with an Elementary Homeschooling program)

2009 Opening of Sofia Playgarden in Baguio City and Bahay-Pastulan Kindergarten in Sariaya, Quezon Province

2011 Opening of Karawatan Waldorf Kindergarten in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

2012 Tuburan Institute Inc. and Maya Playgarden & Daycare Center open in Davao City and Iloilo City

November 2013 RStEP organizes first Emergency Pedagogy Seminar with the Emergency Pedagogy Department of Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners – Germany to address trauma brought about by typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda

10 thoughts on “Waldorf Education in the Philippines

  1. Our place was devastated after super typhoon Rai hit in our province.. Schools re totally damaged and children are experiencing trauma because of the typhoon. I am looking for a team to create a program in continuing education of our children in this time of catastrophe

  2. hi im ann from cagayan
    im very interested in following the waldorf system how can i contact the Waldorf Steiner Community in the philippines?

  3. Hello, Yvette! Sorry for the delayed response. So far, we do not have any trainings scheduled until January 2017. It will be for 15 days every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Let us know if you are interested so we can send more information. For future queries, kindly send us an email at rstep07@yahoo.com.ph. Thank you very much and we hope you are having a pleasant week so far.

  4. Good morning! I would like to inquire if there is a short seminar on May regarding training about your system. I am very much impressed by it. I would like 7 of our staffs to undergo training. Can you please help me out?


  5. Hello Miguel. Thank you for your interest in Waldorf Education. I have forwarded your inquiry to Mrs. Bella Tan and she will get in touch with you via email/mobile shortly.

    Best, Katrina

  6. I’m Spanish living in Philippines for almost 4 years.
    I’m related with sport education and started my studies of anthroposophy tutored by my uncle in Madrid (Spain).
    He is really convinced about the benefits to study Waldorf philosophy and on my side I try to apply into sport and integral education.
    Right now I’m based in Cebu and my girlfriend is working as elementary teacher..
    I want her to start teaching following Waldorf system…
    How can we contact the Waldorf Steiner Community here in Cebu City?


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